Our Favorite 30+ Gardening Blogs to Follow in 2017

Best gardening blogs

If you are at all interested in the art of gardening and the benefits that accompanies it, you will be interested to know that there are some of the best gardening blogs that you can flow which will give you the best advice and tips.

These will include the things that you need to do in order to make it in the gardening missions. They are the best for a reason as you will find out in this article that will outline them out for you and what they can offer best.

Kenny is the guy who runs this blog and as an active gardener, his passion lies in telling you the how and the specific details of planting what you have. That way, you will be able to have a guide of sorts which will enable you to plant all that you have properly. Visit www.veggiegardeningtips.com

Genevieve is the one who runs this blog and she has some very interesting angle to her articles. They will centre mainly on what you can grow in the Northwest of America and what really thrives over there. So, if you need any of the tips that are specific to that place, check this out.

You will find facts about garden types and how they are developed. This will also include the ways that you can use to make sure that the gardens. The author also writes about the gardens that she has seen and how you can emulate them. Visit Out Of My Shed

In this one you will find the stories about gardens around a lot of places in the world and they will all be about the beauty of it all. They have included in this blog the scenery of pictures from a lot of places that will be a motivation to you to also make the same strides. As a motivation factor, this one gets the job done; you will love the things that are featured here.

From this Canadian based gardening blog, we get the beautiful scenery from the country. Apart from that, you will also find that the pictures and the stories about the problems that most of the contributors battle as gardeners. If you are keen, you can learn a lot. Visit www.torontogardens.com

Kathryn talks about life in the Sonoma County and how it was for her taking care of apples. You will also find several stories about what she has been up to and how to anticipate the changes in the weather, the animal behavior and other farm activities. There are also a number of catchy quotes that will inspire you. Visit plantwhateverbringsyoujoy.com

Carol has an assortment of articles about various topics that range from feeding birds t conventions about gardening. She has a good command of this field of knowledge and you will find her articles very useful. She has an instant share feature that makes it better to spread the knowledge on multiple platforms. Visit www.maydreamsgardens.com

Margaret Roach is a leading garden writer who has been writing for the “Martha Stewart Living” magazine and she knows what she is talking about in her blog. She has a podcast and has given lectures and tours at her garden in Hudson Valley where there are amazing things to see. She has written books about gardening that are almost spiritual. Visit awaytogarden.com

This blog is run by Shawna who is all about fitness, organic living and healthy food recipes. You will find her secrets and other tips very useful. This and other things will make your visit to the blog worth it. She has also provided photos and what she does, she does for good. Visit shawnacoronado.com

Lisa is a staunch chicken keeper who knows that feeding fresh herbs makes for healthy chickens that lay delicious eggs. You will benefit greatly from the advice that she has to offer both chicken keepers and gardeners, in fact she has written several books on the subject. You will find all you need to know to about raising a backyard flock naturally. Visit fresheggsdaily.com

Erica is the professional chef who decided to grow what she cooks. This has taken her on a journey of searching for what grows up best in the Northwest including poultry. The site contains a lot about the Northwest and what you can find there. Visit www.nwedible.com

The author of this site has some sort of a journal-style delivery that will keep you engrossed with catchy imagery and interesting photos of Oklahoma gardens and farms. She has written a book about what she has been learning all this time and I am sure that you will find it useful.Visit reddirtramblings.com

Gayla Trail will tell you how to do it yourself, you are the rebel and you are the friend so nature. She has all that you need and the simplest ways to do it all on your own with no complications whatsoever. This is the one stop shop for the serious gardener who gets down and dirty almost daily. Visit yougrowgirl.com

In this blog you will find very useful tips that will guide you through the acquisition of new plants and growing new things whether potted or in the ground. The author, Dave Townsend, also gives reviews about some of the best gardening products that you can find and how they can be helpful to you. Visit growingthehomegarden.com

Robin Plaskoff Horton is the woman behind this futuristic blog that features ways in which you garden productively when you are in the city. The inventions that are featured in here will amaze you and they have a description of how you can best use the resources that are provided. Visit www.urbangardensweb.com

Pam Pennick starts off by showing you how to turn the median strip on your road into a garden. You will also find several amazing things that people have done with their gardens from all the places that she has gone to. This blog is diversified in general. Visit www.penick.net

Yes you guessed that right. No matter how small that garden is, you will find that the possibilities are great and almost endless. You can grow intensively concentrating on what you have. The blog is photograph themed mostly and you will find it fun to look at. Visit mytinyplot.com

Megan created this with the aim of showing you how to grow your own food and making sure that when you need, you’ve got it. She will show you all the mistakes that you need to avoid when you are trying to grow edible food. Get the rewards from your sweat is here mantra. Visit www.creativevegetablegardener.com

This one was picked as one of the best gardening blogs of 2015 by the Blogger Awards and that has put it in a place of its own. It offers pretty much everything on overall knowledge in the gardening sector. This is your best pick for the interesting stuff that is not tied down to one discipline. Visit thehorticult.com

This is also another growing your own food kind of blog that will show you how to turn your garden into a food producer for you and your family and how this can help you get the best out of life, health and nutrition. Garden Betty gives you all the DIY tips that you need. Visit www.gardenbetty.com

When it comes to giving garden advice on how to start a garden, maintain it and how to solve the problems that will meet you when you have established yourself, this one will deliver it in humorous and educative style. There is also a book by the author of the blog that will be one heck of a helper. Visit smalltowngardener.com

Dan made this blog specifically for the city folk who want to grow their plants in pots. He debunks the myths about things that you should be doing. He also tells you about the facts that you need to know when you are starting something new. Visit www.urbanturnip.org

This is the place to go if you need to garden in dry places that are savannah in nature and succeed. The writer is certified in a lot of things and she will show you how to do it all with no glitches at all. This is the place you will find the arid and drought solutions that you need to have a garden. Visit Ramblings from a Desert Garden

This is a very regularly updated blog with just two days or three days maximum in between the posts. You will find the tips that are given by the writer about the gardening craft are all to the point. As you can deduce from the name of the blog, it’s about plants that withstand the hot and dry weather. Visit succulentandmore.com

This is a photograph based blog that will provide you with the best photos of the best gardens that the author has found and how you too can get something like that. Think of it as a reference point of a garden that you may want to have. Visit andreawhitely.com

Would you like an app that can design a landscape for you and turn your backyard or space farm into a retreat that you can disappear into and swoon? You will find that and many other things being offered here. That and many more garden designing tools are found here and you will absolutely love it. Visit www.gardendesignonline.com

As it is stated in the mission of this blog, they aim to provide information, tips and trivia about the garden and all that grows in there. If you need the information to grow just about any plant, you can find it in here with no problems at all. Visit The Gardener’s Network

Dr. Leonard Perry initiates the Midas Touch that will turn all that you touch into prosperous and healthy plants that have the best yield. Plant the entire garden with no fear because this blog right here has you covered with the entire tricks a Doctor knows. Visit Backyard Gardener

This is a daily journal that chronicles the attempts of the author to make the garden better, more organic and for the home eating needs. It will give all that you need to know about the gardening life and how to generally handle the plants. Visit Chiot’s Run

Cold climates are notorious for killing plants and if you want to grow anything there, you will need the help of this blog that specializes in the cold climates and what you can grow there and how to time the spaces in between among other things that are important. Visit Cold Climate Gardening

raise your garden

At the beginning, I just wanted to come up with top 30 best garden blogs, but when I found Laura's blog, I thought it was time to expand the list.

Hi, I’m Laura and absolutely love raised bed gardening. Growing veggies in particular is my passion - organic and chemical-free food for my family of five (with a newborn baby boy arriving just last week!!!) My husband Tom & I enjoy giving new and innovative DIY projects a whirl. Some work. Some don’t. We’ll share what turned out to be a smashing success for us and what you should avoid in the gardening world. For Mother’s Day five years ago, Tom built me three raised beds. Sixteen feet long and four feet wide. Lucky me! And this is where we do our gardening projects. Thanks for following along. We love your tips too


In Conclusion

That dear readers is a comprehensive list of the blogs that you can choose when you need to have solid facts and tidbits that will go together a long way to help you get to the height of your potential and also help you achieve everything that you need to get to.

As far as gardening is considered, these are the ones that you will need to follow.

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I’m Emily and after a ten year career as a journalist I have moved on to share my passion for gardening. While getting out in the garden is one of my favourite hobbies, and helps me de-stress after a long day in the office, I often found myself frustrated at not getting the results I wanted from my plants. Through blogging, I have uncovered the answer to lots of common problems and now I want to share my knowledge with other horticulture enthusiasts.

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