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Hydroponics vs soil

Hydroponics vs soil: How to boost your plants

What wins the battle in hydroponics vs soil? Are you struggling to get your crops to flourish? Is your greenhouse looking lacklustre? Gardeners have been experimenting with different ways of growing their plants for years and experts have refined the perfect ways to get the best from your foliage.  ​But one of the oldest questions on […]

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How to grow money plant

Improve your fortune! How to grow a money plant

Do you need some good luck? Are you prepared to try anything to see your fortunes change? Legend has it that growing a money plant in your home will bring you prosperity and luck. Whether you believe this ancient superstition or not, the money tree is an attractive plant and looks great in any indoor environment. ​If […]

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how to grow roses

9 easy tips on how to grow roses

Have you ever looked into someone’s garden and been envious of the amazing colours and striking blooms? You may see a well-pruned rose bush just bursting with flowers and wonder how they did it! Roses are some of the prettiest and most fragrant plants we can have in our gardens. But, as many gardeners know, […]

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how does light affect plant growth

How does light affect plant growth

Make your garden amazing with these easy to understand tips Do you struggle with your garden? Are your flowers looking forlorn and your lawns lifeless? Well, you might not realise it but understanding how light affects plant growth can completely transform your foliage. Like many gardeners, you might have struggled with enriched compost, fertilisers, and other […]

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